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Does Tesla Have Apple Carplay?

Tesla is well-known for designing and manufacturing electric vehicles. While the popularity of these electric vehicles are increasing, users are wondering if they will be able to install Apple CarPlay to make their journey more convenient and fun. 

Until February 2022, there was no update regarding Tesla supporting Apple CarPlay. However, a Polish developer disclosed a hack earlier this year that allows users to use CarPlay in Tesla electric cars.

It is worth noting that all this hack is limited to only tech savvy people. Although Tesla does not officially support CarPlay yet, this workaround might be helpful for users who are willing to install it in their vehicle.

Workaround To Enable CarPlay In Tesla Vehicles

If you believe that you are tech savvy but limited to only downloading applications and do a little bit with the wires or USB cables, then this hack might not be something you can perform on your own. Maybe you can seek a professional’s help for the same. 

Developer Michał Gapiński called this hack, “Tesla Android Project,” which allows Apple CarPlay users to enjoy the same experience in Tesla vehicles. The alpha release took place in April 2022. So, let’s get into the details of how to enable Apple CarPlay.

You will require a list of things including a mini fan, Raspberry Pi, small single-board computers,Geekworm TC358743XBG HDMI-CSI-2, microHDMI to HDMI cable, Wi-Fi access point, and Ethernet cable.

On the official website, he provided a zip file for users to download and asked them to insert a file named “tesla-android-os-{version}.img” into their SD Card, which will be inserted into Pi. With help of your computer you can configure the USB LTE stick and save the PIN.

There are more 12 steps mentioned here, which you can follow to complete the hack.

Everything To Know About Michał Gapiński’s Project

The developer wrote on his official Twitter handle, “This is a huge release with a lot (of) new features and bug fixes that allow a 100% functional CarPlay integration for any Tesla!”

Last month, he shared an update regarding the project and wrote on Twitter, “The LTE modem is no longer required + optimisations of the video feed make the experience much better. The quality and responsiveness has been improved significantly.”

He also shared photos that disclosed Tesla Model S and Model X can successfully install the Apple CarPlay with help of his hack. 

The newly released instructions revealed that the audio quality of the playback has been improved alongside the loading time. Display’s refresh rate, error handling, and orientation lock has also significantly enhanced.

The operating system of the hack has been upgraded to Android 12.1 to ensure smooth performance and stability. 

Introduction Of The Latest Hack

The latest update of the hack for installing Apple CarPlay in Tesla was released after a few days of Elon Musk calling the vehicle’s browser trash. “We have a lot of work to do actually with the basic software in the car,” Musk said. “We definitely need to do work on the overall interface in the car.”

Apple also revealed recently at the Worldwide Developers Conference that newly dropped CarPlays are more customizable and can easily be integrated in the vehicles. 

How to add CarPlay to Tesla

Some manufactures also produced Apple CarPlay dashboard for Tesla, like Hansshow.They provide aftermarket Apple CarPlay installing solution to make up Tesla’s missing features like a traditional gauge cluster behind the steering wheel, and Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, or a forward-facing camera to help with parking, and built-in apps like “Waze” or “A Better Route Planner”.

With the help of the Tesla LCD display, you can easily enjoy wireless CarPlay and Android auto, also can see real-time display of information such as vehicle speed, rotation speed, gear, indicator light, door open/close status and seat belt reminder, etc in the display

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Apart from this Apple CarPlay hack, let’s have a look at why this infotainment system is getting popular.

Why Is Apple CarPlay Popular?

Apple CarPlay is a device that first got introduced in the market in March 2014. It immediately grabbed users attention because it allows them to connect their iPhone with the system and operate almost every feature in a bigger display.

CarPlay allows users to see maps, play music and podcasts, and listen to radio. Moreover, the voice command feature using Siri helps the users to make and receive calls with ease. They can also text back by just dictating it. 

This infotainment device allows users to go completely hands free and focus on their driving. Back in the days, drivers had to look into the small screens of mobile phones to navigate. Whereas now, the device can also play music while showing navigation and allows drivers to focus only on the road.

It eventually causes less accidents on the road. Keep in mind, CarPlay also allows you to watch videos on YouTube or other apps but it is just for the passengers and if the driver wants to watch, they should park their vehicle at a safe place. It is highly dangerous to watch and drive.

Final Words

Tesla is one of the popular vehicles while Apple CarPlay is one of the popular automotive devices. It would be great if Tesla would include the CarPlay officially, so that someone who is not tech-savvy can also get it installed with ease.

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