Tesla Wireless Apple Carplay Adapter – Upgrade Your Tesla With Wireless Apple Carplay


Tesla wireless Carplay adapter – T2C

The CPC200-T2C is specially designed for Tesla and helps Tesla upgrade with wireless Carplay. All you need to do is insert the SIM card into the T2C, connect your Tesla to the T2C with the USB cable, and then enjoy wireless Carplay. Simple and Money saving!

Suitable for cars and mobile phones:

Applicable model: For Tesla all series models.

The phone must be iPhone 6 & IOS 10 or above.

Note: Tesla drivers should focus on the road even when the Tesla Autopilot model is on.


Just Play and Play, bring a more functional and comfortable experience with your Tesla.

With T2C, you can upgrade your Tesla with wireless Apple Carplay, which means you can listen to music with your favorite application, make phone calls, summon the Siri assistant by voice, etc.  T2C retains Tesla’s original car screen operating system and adds an interactive interface adapted to it, allowing you to get started quickly and operate more smoothly.

✅Siri assistant support, make it easier to drive.

If you are driving the car alone and no one else can assist you in operating the screen, T2C could provide you with an aid to manipulate your car. Just arouse Siri as you do on an iPhone, then you can command your Tesla. T2C makes your car trip safer and more convenient.

✅Search for “Carplay” in the search bar to explore more driving pleasure.

✅More navigation options for your safe driving and precise navigation.

With the T2C Wireless Carplay Adapter, you can have more options in choosing navigation apps, such as Waze, and Google Maps. It supports more map software that can be updated in real-time.

✅Split-screen function.

✅More stable and smooth operation with 2.4G+5.0G-Wifi.

✅How to use T2C in your Tesla car?

If you want to add wireless Carplay to your Tesla car, please make sure your phone is iPhone 6/ IOS 10 above and insert a local SIM card into the dongle, because only by inserting the SIM card the dongle can share the Wifi hotspot with your phone. Please connect the T2C with your Tesla after the car is in gear. (At that time you can log in to the car screen’s browser to enter

T2C supports language change, version upgrades, etc in the connection interface.

LED Instructions

LED 1: Mobile phone interconnection status. Slow flashing after successful interconnection.

LED 2: WIFI connection status. Green light will keep on after a successful connection.

LED 3: Power status indication. Greenlight will keep on after powering on.

LED 4: 4G status indication. Greenlight will keep on after networking.

 Product Specifications:

Compatible list:

Adapted for Tesla vehicles

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model X



  1. T2C is only suitable for Tesla model cars and needs to insert a SIM card (iPhone eSIM card also works). This SIM Card only consumes a small amount of data, navigation, music, and other applications that use the iPhone’s traffic and does not use the T2C’SIM card traffic.
  2. The following countries and regions cannot use our T2C products: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, and Israel.
  3. T2C is only compatible with iPhone 6 or IOS 10 and above.
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