Aftermarket Wireless LCD CarPlay Dashboard Console Wireless Apple CarPlay Android Auto LCD IPS Information Screen Compatible with Model 3/Y


When asked what about which features are missing from Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, many will say things like a traditional gauge cluster behind the steering wheel, and Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, or a forward-facing camera to help with parking, and built-in apps like “Waze” or “A Better Route Planner”. Well, we have found the solution for you, you can have all these things in your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y now by choosing our LCD CarPlay Dashboard Console!

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Happiness Guarantee
  • It Is Suitable For Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

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1. Support Wireless Apple Carplay &Android Auto

2. Real-time Display Of Information Such As Vehicle Speed, Rotation Speed, Gear, Indicator Light, Door

Open/Close Status And Seat Belt Reminder, Etc

3. Built-in Bluetooth, Use The Original Car Microphone To Retain The Original Car’s Sound Quality

4. Support Two Control Methods, Steering Wheel Button Control And Touch Screen Control

5. Support Screen Flip Function, Can Adjust The Screen Position In Real Time

6. Support Two Display Modes, Night Mode And Day Mode

7. Support Floating Display Of Dashboard Data On The Carplay Interf

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Additional information


Model 3, Model Y

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Customer Reviews

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This is an awesome upgrade for your tesla Y and tesla 3.

This is an awesome upgrade for your tesla Y and tesla 3. Bluetooth connects to the phone and to the car easily. You can use the car’s speaker once the display is connected to the car via Bluetooth. I think this is A MuST have for model y and model 3 owners

It works!

Frist the product looks great. Matches the main monitor look. All the functions work, including Apple Carplay, I have not tried Android Auto. Installation is not hard BUT hooking in the wiring harness is a pain. I am very happy with the product, and I hope to see continuing updates from manufacturer to improve on functions.

easiest install for M3P

I've tried a couple other displays and this is by far the easiest to install if you own a model 3 performance. It uses an easy to reach plug right behind the trim next to the glove box(not the one that's extremely hard to reach like the others) and for power it needs 12v which I used a cigarette lighter splitter and tapped into it(so I didn't need to run wires to the battery in the frunk). I updated the software and it's really smooth. Wireless Android Auto was the main reason to get this since my old car had it and I really missed it. It works almost flawlessly(loses GPS signal sometimes for google maps). I put a matte screen protector(generic for a laptop, just cut it to the screen size) and it fully matches the Tesla screen.

Awesome product that's made my drive much more enjoyable!

I really love this the CarPlay display. I can connect to the display and my car's audio at the same time. It's great for navigation and playing music. Although this product can be controlled through the touch screen, I prefer to quickly switch between the dashboard and CarPlay interface through the steering wheel so it doesn't mess up the display. The split screen is also very cool. Using this product has made my drive very enjoyable.

Great product

Tesla does not have a dashboard, which is less user friendly for conventional drivers. This product is easy to install and with it I feel more comfortable while driving. The display shows remaining battery percentage, remaining mileage, speed limit, car tire pressure etc. Screen is excellent, bright enough to see even in daytime. The carplay feature is also great and functions well. I love it.