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Tesla Model Y Power Frunk Installation Manual

Tools you need

Product list

Installation step

1.Remove frunk trim panel
Open the hood and remove the trim from the sign.
2.remove frunk trim panel
Remove the switch trim panel in the front spare
case and unplug the switch plug
3.remove frunk trim panel
Remove the screws from the sign and remove
the entire trim panel.
4.Install the strut
Use the panel pry bar to warp the steel plate
on the back of the tee head and remove the strut(see the diagram on the right)
5.Install power struts
Use a screwdriver rermoves the original bracket, chang
to our negw bracket ,use the new scxew to fix it. (Based
on the model Y heading direction, L mean left bracket
R mean right bracket. Be careful when installing the
bracket, or you may break the bracket
6.Install power struts
Correct and incorrect bracket installation
comparison chart Left is the correct one,
right is the incorrect image.
7.Install power struts
install our powerruts, push the power strut hole into
the bracket ball head, putthe strut with wire end in the
bottom. After you install the power strut ,move the strut
left and right to confirm strus been installed well. (the
figure is about the right side installed power strut).
8.Install suction lock
Mark the edge of the original lock, remove the
two screws from the original lock and take out
the whole lock machine.
9.Install suction lock
Remove the original car lock spring.
10.Install suction lock
Align the lock head with the equipped bracket, and tighten the motor drawstring.
11.Install suction lock
Recover the indicated spring.
12.Install suction lock
The drawrting steel has to pass through the small pulley
13.Install suction lock
Re-install the lock head with the provided screw and shims.(small shim in front,big shim in back)
14. Here can ajust the drawstring. After installed the lock, need to do the test for the lock
15.Install the suction lock
Unplug the original car motor wire,and plug in the cable equipped with the adapter
16.Install suction lock.
connect our plug
17.Install suction lock
Plug in the adapter wire,and connect the wire to the original car
18.Install control box
Plug in the control box
19.Frunk button control
Plugh the button wire to the spare box
20.Connect the motor wire
Plug in the equipped motor wire,After connecting all wires, press the button to test

Note:When the Frunk is lowered,hold your fists tightly against the Frunk to check whether the lock machine works narmally. After testing, route all the wires and recover the trim panel.
21.wiring picture


height adjustment
adjust the tailgate to the appropriate height,press and hold the tailgate button for 5 seconds, and hear a long beep that indicates the height setting is successful.

speed adjustment
the tailgate swtich speed is divided into 5 gears,the default is 4 gears,the lowest 2 gears,and the highest 6 gears. press and hold the tailgate button.when the buzzer sounds 2 consecutive sound,it means that the speed setting 2 is successful.when the buzzer is heard for 3 consecutive sound,the speed setting 3 is successful,and so on.

Note:After the installation is completed. the controller needs to be matched when the power is plugged in: the electric tailgate is adjusted to the highest
position. and the tail button is pressed for 5 seconds. After a long beep, the button is released. indicating that the matching operation is completed. (If
the power off requires a rematch operation).

Note:The installation instructions may differ slightly from the actual operation. If there are any differences. please follow the actual situation or
contact us.

Tailgate strength adjustment:
Adjustment When the door cannot be opened or the door cannot be closed:Adjust position: The small black button of the control box (decoder).

Tuning method:
First, the door can not be opened (the door opening is not good)
Press and hold the small black point switch on the control box to adjust the strength of the opening tailgate . Clicking the black dot 3 seconds, Then, Press and hold the switch, the buzzer will beep 1 to 5 times, 1 sound is the smallest strength, 5 sound is the strongest,and the factory default is 1sound;
Second, the door can not be closed (the door closing strength is not good) :
First, use a screwdriver turn the tailgate lock to close status. (equivalent to closing the door, you must make the tailgate lock in lock status when adjusting the closing force), and then press and hold the small black point switch on the control box to adjust the closing strength. The strength, long press the switch buzzer will ring from 1 to 5 times, 1 sound is the smallest, 5 sound is the strongest, the factory default I sound, generally adjusted to 3 sounds, test the closing strength, if still feel not good, try other strength;
Tailgate speed adjustment:
The speed is divided into 5 levels, and the default is 4 level. The lowest 2 level, the highest 6 level,Press and hold the tailgate button over 5 seconds. When you hear 2 beeps, the speed of the 2nd level is set successfully-Press and hold the tailgate button. When you hear 3 beeps, the speed of the 3rd level is set successfully. Press and hold the tailgate button. When you hear 4 beeps, the speed of the 4th level is set successfully. And so on.

Tesla Common Problem Causes & Solutions Analysis

1.Front cover not level from left to right
Adjust the upper bracket screw on the uneven side, loosen the screw slightly then control the frunk to close, the bracket will automatically fine-tune to perfectly close the front cover, then tighten the screw.
If the method does not work:
Check whether the lock is placed horizontally. If not, loosen the two screws on the lock, make the lock horizontal,then tighten the screws.

2.Mobile App can not open the frunk
1.The motor plug is not tightly inserted, or it is forgotten to be inserted. Solution: Insert the motor plug tightly.
2.Frunk lock problem:
If the frunk can not be open, check the locks to decide whether it is a problem caused by gear one or gear two locks
1 ) The problem is on gear 2 locks if the frunk opens a little when pushing the frunk button.
First, try using the mobile app frunk button several times to see if the frunk can be opened. lf yes, click (not long press) the small black dot on the control box and hear two beeps.lf not, pry the lock.(Working Theory: When
closing the frunk, the motor steel wire will draw closer to the ball stud. After closing, it will make a ” z-” sound.Loosen the wire, if there is no ” z-” sound, it means the lock is jammed. At this point, you need to pull the
emergency lock wire, so the steel wire connected to the balL stud will be loosened, then the lock can be opened normally)
2) The problem is on one lock if the frunk completely does not react when pushing the button.Check whether the original car motor plug is plugged in. If yes and the frunk still cannot work, the problem is on the original car motor. Contact Tesla Customer Service.

There are warning sounds of front cover being opened during driving; Press the horn or brake pedal, the screen sends warning of irregularity
Cause 1 : After connecting the Y commissioning plug to adjust the front cover opening and closing speed, the original button plug is not restored.
Solution: Restore the original frunk button plug.
Cause 2: The signal status cable has poor contact or is loose. It leads to the screen showing the frunk is open, even when the frunk is closed.
Solution: Insert the status cable plug tightly.

The front cover can only be closed but cannot be opened

Cause: When opening the frunk, the gear 2 lock hooked on to the lock ring.
1 )Adjust the opening force and opening speed;
2)Adjust the unlock mode through the small black dot on the control box. Click once the small black dot to make
the control box beep twice;
3) Contact us to update the software.

The front cover cannot be locked or can not move
Cause: The position of the lock is improper, Frunk strut resistance too heavy.
Solution: Adjust the position of the lock; Moving the Frunk cover up and down for 10 times.

Control Box Light Status Indication

1.Normal state:
Solid green, blinking red.
2.Both lights are solid:
System is in upgrade mode. Ifthe two lights keeps solid all the time, power off then power on to solve the problem.
3.The lights are dim, fast blinking, or slowly blinking:
Check whether the ground wire is connected properly. The ground wire must be connected to unpainted metal.
4.Both lights are off:
The system is dormant. There are two solutions.
1.First try to activate the control box with the app, button, key, etc. If not work, try solution
2;Use a screwdriver to short the control box power plug, so as to discharge the control box system.
5.Control box keeps sounding:
It may be that the button is pressed and does not rebound, or that the lock panel is too high, the button should be reinstalled at another proper position; or just push the lock panel down.

Precautions of Frunk and Trunk Installation
1.Trunk strut Installation
1 ) Take care to use a towel to prevent the glass from being scratched or ruptured when removing the struts.
2) When installing the strut to the original car, pay attention to the copper sheet, make sure it is not protruding.
2.Lock Installation
1 ) Mark the position of the original lock with a pen, and fix the new lock to this position.
2) If there is a gap when the tailgate is closed, the lock should be adjusted downwards.
3.Strut Cable Installation
When passing the cable into the trunk, keep a certain sagging arc to prevent water ingress.
Disclaimer: The problems and losses caused by improper installation and
improper use are not covered by our company’ s warranty.

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